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I was born in South Wales in 1995. Being raised in a village between the edge of The Valleys and Cardiff, I found myself in the midst of transformation from a traditionally working-class mining community, to a commuting village. In many ways it was an idyllic childhood, being surrounded by mountains, woodlands and fields. These ‘natural’ surroundings have always influenced my work in some way, whether that has been drawing trees directly or considering the environments that my characters inhabit.


I have always drawn and have (more or less) consistently kept up this habit since I could first hold a pencil. My influences are mainly history (particularly ancient & medieval), the natural world, character design as well as my personal life. Throughout my teenage years, the rapidly developing technology began to play more of a factor in everyones life. I truly believe that we were one of the last generations to have enjoyed a childhood without smart phones, gaming consoles, streaming platforms etc. This awareness (and perhaps skepticism) of technology is also is a key theme throughout my work. 



Having attended UWE Bristol from 2015-2019 I have since been grappling with working life, absorbing the life lessons that my 20’s continue to give, writing an enormous amount, and (of course) drawing and painting.

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